Sunday, 15 May 2011

Senna - The Movie

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03 JUNE 2011

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Photo of the Week - 08 May 2011

The Drawing Room

Charlecote Park



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Saturday, 2 April 2011

My Time With Henri Cartier-Bresson

During some recent research on my favourite photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (for the updated HCB tribute page on R3MAF) I happened to chance upon an article relating to the great man which I found to be both very enjoyable, and illuminating, to read.

Written by the acclaimed Indian animation director, animator and photographer Ishu Patel - it tells the engaging story of when a young student Ishu met and worked alongside the 'master' - as he colloquially refers to him - for a short while in India, during the early 1960's.

It proves to be a fascinating read on many levels, not least because it allows a brief insight into this most reclusive of legendary photographers and some of his masterful work practices.

Ishu and 'Henri' went on to become firm friends, as you'll discover if you read the article, and I can only feel envious of Ishu's great fortune to meet and learn from the great Cartier-Bresson at first hand. To my mind it's akin to being taught to drive by Ayrton Senna, shown how to throw a punch by Muhammed Ali or taught how to kick a ball by Pele! In other words... a totally priceless experience!

I contacted Ishu to write him how much I enjoyed his recollections of 'Henri', and to tell him of the R3MAF HCB tribute page - and he has subsequently very kindly allowed me to reproduce his article in full on R3MAF.

You can read Ishu Patel's 'My Time With Henri Cartier-Bresson' by clicking on the above image or by going to:


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Photo of the Week - 24 March 2011

Ladies In Hats
Budapest, Hungary

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Monday, 21 March 2011

NEW: Henri Cartier-Bresson Tribute Page now includes comprehensive biography.

R3MAF has had a Henri Cartier-Bresson tribute page since 2004 ...the year in which the great man, myself and many believe to be the greatest photographer of the twentieth century, sadly passed away.

Up and until very recently the aforementioned tribute page simply comprised of a famous HCB quotation, with the dates of his life presented against the background of an animated screen of several famous Cartier-Bresson images.

As of now, the new tribute page consists of a comprehensive text and pictorial biography with a small gallery of some essential HCB images included. Please click on the above image or go to... to view.

Permission to display HCB images has been sought, and kindly given from both the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson and Magnum Photos.